Injured during or following an abortion? Did a friend or family member die as a result of an abortion? Please contact us for a free and confidential case evaluation. You or your loved one may have a medical malpractice case which would entitled them to compensation.

Many women are struck by the shock of an unplanned pregnancy or concerned over a poor prognosis which leads them to feel as if they have nowhere to turn. Often times the father of the unborn child abandons the mother, or even pressures her to terminate the pregnancy. With the world seemingly against her, women often turn to Planned Parenthood or other “women’s health care” clinics which many times offer little alternative other than an abortion. If this wasn’t drastic enough, more and more women end up actually becoming a victim of a legal procedure gone wrong. Some, even end up becoming the victim of an illegal procedure where their unborn child is aborted without following state law and in turn, many times the mother becomes injured or even dies due to the procedure.

If you, a friend or loved one has been the victim of a botched abortion, we are here to help. Our firm has extensive experience in preparing and litigating cases on behalf of injured victims. We will evaluate your claim free of charge and there will be no fee unless we collect compensation on your behalf.

Often times the mother who consented to the abortion is not even aware that her unborn child may have had a heartbeat, could feel pain or even had brainwave activity at the time the doctor ended the child’s life. Despite many state’s requiring a sonogram be done and/or a waiting period complied with, often times the abortion clinic staff and medical doctor are more concerned with performing the abortion rather than informing the mother or ensuring that the conditions are sanitary and to the appropriate standard of care. Others viewed sonogram pictures of their child which were nearly unreadable and others were subject to unsanitary conditions such as unclean rooms following prior procedures, often times against numerous state law.

Whatever the situation may be, if you, a friend or a loved one have had an abortion and suffered medical complications during or following the procedure you may be entitled to compensation. Please consider protecting yourself and others from the risk of this happening again. We all appreciate good doctors and medical staff, yet when the profession refuses to follow the law or carelessly causes injures to a mother and/or her unborn child that doctor and/or staff should be required to bear the responsibility for their carelessness.

Please feel welcome to call our staff to talk with a trained paralegal and lawyer. Our consultation is free and fully confidential. We are here to help you not only with your case, but potentially with connecting you with the necessary counseling you may need to cope with the medical tragedy you and/or your unborn child experienced.

~Attorneys for the People.