About Us

The Garmon Law Firm is a premier personal injury law firm known for fighting on behalf the injured and those who have tragically lost a family member. We pride ourselves in being committed to (1) being willing to fight for our clients, (2) always being open and truthful with them and (3) never selling them out. Our lawyers, to include Trent Garmon and three Contract Associates have the experience of working on cases that have verdicts and settlements in the multi-millions. We are large enough to battle corporate giants and major insurance companies, yet personal enough to know each of our clients by name.

Our firm is one of the rare injury practices that focuses a part of our services on botched abortion cases. These cases require special attention to detail, balanced with a commitment to acting appropriate with often time’s confidential facts and very emotionally attached issues. We are available to evaluate your botched abortion or medical neglect case and will do so with a goal of excellence. We are uniquely positioned to help given our experience from having reviewed and handled medical malpractice, as well as other cases involving personal injury such as auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, wrongful death, child injury cases and product liability and other injury cases. There is a “network” of lawyer through the Alliance Defending Freedom that can be utilized to service your botched abortion or medical malpractice case all throughout the country. Mr. Garmon is a member of the Honor Corp of the ADF and would be honored to serve pro hac vice (on a case-by-case basis) in any state in which a botched abortion and medical neglect case exists.

The team’s willingness to confidently fight on behalf of the injured and family of the deceased come from combined years of trial and complex litigation experience. Our lawyers believe in the civil jury trial and that this system is the best method of allowing for compensation to be sought for those injured and to deter wrongful conduct from injuring others in the future.

At the Garmon Law Firm, we are dedicated to protecting and battling for your legal right to be compensated for the injuries you have suffered or for the loss of a loved one. We will aggressively seek to maximize your recovery while maintaining the level of professionalism and respect needed to ensure you remain confident in our concern about the personal aspects of your case. Being injured or losing a loved one can be a complicated and emotional time. We are here to bear some of the burden for you.

Each situation is different and there are specifics within the law that must be evaluated on a case-by-case and fact-by-fact basis. Thus, retaining a lawyer should be a diligent and thoughtful process. We, therefore, encourage you browse our site or contact our office with questions or concerns. Yet, please do be sensitive of the need to contact a lawyer responsible haste.

Our firm also provides bilingual services which may include Spanish or Arabic. If you or a loved one needs legal advice, please contact the injury attorneys of the Garmon Law Firm – 256-543-4878 or submit a Free Case Evaluation Form above. We are honored to represent you. Thank you for your interest in our firm.